5 options for quick breakfast!

Breakfast has been proved to be the most important meal of the day. That’s why its always recommended not to skip it. Here are the options that can make your life easier>

  1. Poha : Poha is flattened rice which is a maharastrian dish. It is not only tasty but also  healthy. Its a good source of complex carbohydrates that helps in providing energy and keeps you full for longer time. You can cook this with our ready to made Instant Poha mix that you can buy online from here > https://bit.ly/2YEbZGj


  2. Idly : There is nothing like soft,steaming idli with piping samhar and chutney. No wonder it has become a favorite in every Indian household because not just it is good on taste but also very light on stomach. To save your precious time & energy we also have Instant Idli mix that gives melting taste of Idly and that too in minutes. Find it here > https://bit.ly/2oSDRK9
    idli vada south indian food
  3. Moong Chila: This breakfast option is packed with complex carbs, protein and essential vitamins that is awesome for kids. It is very low in calories and good on taste. Now cook it instantly > https://bit.ly/2OpVL1G
  4. Dalia: Dalia had been a popular healthy breakfast option for those who wants to lose weight since it comes very few calories and is very filling as well. It can be cooked both sweet and savory way. Packed with fiber it helps a lot in people suffering from poor bowel movement. Try our roasted dalia for wholesome complete meal> https://bit.ly/2QSaMbv

    images (2).jpg

  5. Aaloo parantha : We all have grown up eating Aaloo parantha for breakfast and it had been our consistent favorite. It;s an absolute joy for the taste buds and it can be made healthy by using less oil or ghee. Try our Instant aaloo parantha mix that is quick to make and so tasty as well > https://bit.ly/31VSmeI
    images (3).jpg

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